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Bungalow Addition

This project was an addition to a small bungalow near downtown Asheville. The original house was a fairly typical of its style, cute-as-a-button on the outside and with a simple, compact floor plan. The interior layout hadn’t changed much over the years and the original detailing was still intact. It made a perfect home for a couple, but with one bathroom and a stacked washer/dryer off the kitchen it was tight as a home for a young family.

The owners wanted to add a second bathroom, create an actual “room” for the laundry, and add a breakfast nook for informal family meals. They also wanted the addition to fit in with the character of the existing house and to open up views to the backyard and let in natural light.

The addition was only 8 feet wide, but we packed a lot of “use” into that space with surprising results. On the inside, the new master bathroom is full of light and a half-glass “barn” door lets light into the adjacent master bedroom. The corner windows at the dining nook allow for backyard views and lend a spacious feeling to the whole kitchen. And the Laundry room is now big enough for the machines plus baskets of clothes with a little room left over for other household storage.

Other great details include a built-in master bathroom hamper and doubles as a pass-through to the laundry; and a Dutch-style back door that’s perfect for keeping children inside and dogs outside (or vice versa) and when its open gives the whole room a porch-like feel.

Photographs by Amy Alday.

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